1998 american american best best essay

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1998 american american best best essay

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The Reconstruction of the South Over six hundred thousand men died during the Civil War, from injuries received on the battlefield or by diseases that were then untreatable. All told, over a million men were killed or seriously wounded. Most of the men lost were young and had left families behind.

The cost of the war totaled about fifteen billion dollars: The war was a supreme test to the American nation, but as the Americans would soon discover, a larger test was still to come with the reconstruction of the South. The post-war South was in a very poor state. Glorious cities were now reduced to rubble.

Transportation systems no longer existed; roads, so long without maintenance, were beyond repair, and rails had been dismantled so that they could be melted into bullets.

Without slaves or livestock the slaves had been freed by the thirteenth amendment and most livestock had been taken by plundering northernersthe fields sat overtaken by weeds Bailey, How could the south rebuild after this social and economic systems had been destroyed? Should the Confederate leaders be punished and how?

What was to be done with the millions of newly freed blacks? How should the readmission process be handled?

1998 american american best best essay

These and other pressing questions were being brought to the forefront demanding solutions Kolchin, 1. Andrew Johnson may be one of America's most unlucky presidents because he came into office at such a critical time in history. He had been put on Lincoln's ticket in simply to attract the votes of War Democrats; no one had considered that Johnson might one day run the country.

Johnson was a devoted supporter of the constitution and states' rights. He was disliked by nearly everyone- the South distrusted him, the North saw him as an outsider, the Republicans did not accept him because of his party, and the people didn't like him because he had never been elected president Andrew Johnson, 1.

Emancipation ran a rough course in the South, partly because some of the southern planters protested that slavery was legal until state legislatures or the Supreme Court took action. There were a variety of responses to emancipation.

The loyalty to the master caused many slaves help their owners resist the Union armies.Largest free essay: american history x is an important year of the american history contributed by tony kaye and the s to modern day.

1998 american american best best essay

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Racial Reparations: Japanese American Redress and African American Claims Eric K. Yamamoto of Japanese American redress.4 The essay started with the recognition of becoming a civil rights law that at best delivers far less than it.

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(reissued by Basil Blackwell in as American English: Dialects and variation). Connie Eble is Professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she has taught for.

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