A study assessing the spatial memories of clarks nutcrackers

Perceptual organization and visual immediate memory in children with specific language impairment: Planning and visuo-spatial working memory in school-age children: Eta Evolutiva No 68 Feb

A study assessing the spatial memories of clarks nutcrackers

For example, a person's spatial memory is required in order to navigate around a familiar city, just as a rat's spatial memory is needed to learn the location of food at the end of a maze. It is often argued that a person's, or an animal's, spatial memories are summarised in a cognitive map.

Spatial memories are formed after an organism gathers and processes sensory information about its surroundings especially vision and proprioception.

A study assessing the spatial memories of clarks nutcrackers

In general, mammals require a functioning hippocampus particularly area CA1 in order to form and process memories about space. There is some evidence that human spatial memory is strongly tied to the right hemisphere of the brain [1] [2] [3].

In rodents, spatial memory has been shown to covary with the size of a part of the hippocampal mossy fiber projection. It gives insight, into complex procedures. For example, species such as the grey squirrel or Clark's Nutcrackerwhich are scatter hoarders making numerous small caches, usually of nuts show a remarkable ability to return to their caches months later.

Such species often have a larger hippocampus, relative to overall brain size, than related non-hoarding species. Spatial memory is also important in animal migration, and in foraging in complex environments with many different food sources which become available in different seasons, the situation that faces many frugivorous primates.Read "Clark's nutcracker spatial memory: The importance of large, structural cues, Behavioural Processes" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.

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NOTE Assessing Clark’s nutcracker seed-caching flights using maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA of whitebark pine Bryce A.

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Clark's nutcracker

N. WAGNER Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook. UNH scientist Brett Gibson hopes to learn more about memory by studying Clark's nutcrackers.

This male nutcracker is one of several that reside at UNH's aviary. Sperling's partial report method study showed that when a display of 12 letters was viewed, the subjects retained all of the letters in _____ but not all of them could be transferred to short-term memory.

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