An analysis of market in todays world

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An analysis of market in todays world

Avoiding news and economic indicators is obviously a controversial topic in the trading world; some people swear by only fundamental analysis, some by a combination of technical and fundamentals, and some trade purely on technical analysis.

I am about as far into the technical price action analysis camp as you can be, I believe very strongly that the price action of a market reflects everything we need to know about it. I firmly believe that traders need to choose between technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

I also do not believe in combining them. Trading, perhaps more than any other profession in the world, is an extremely easy thing to over-complicate. They have the ability to influence price action and make the market move and sometimes they can find out what is going on in the world before the rest of us and act on this information before the mainstream news media outlets have it.

At Learn To Trade The Market, we subscribe to the belief that price action is the best way to define the market, analyze it and find trade setups.

Therefore, we believe that the underlying price current and price dynamics are what determine what a market will do next, not for example, the Russians moving troops into the Ukraine as we saw recently.

So, their livelihoods depend on spreading this myth and misinformation, but they have no understanding of price action, which is obvious by the lack of attention it gets on major financial news outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg and others.

People trade their views on a market, which are often contradictory to the news and what it implies. All that matters is the aggregate of what market participates think a market is worth, and this is reflected via the price action, not the news.


In both cases, the price action was clearly leading the news because we had obvious uptrends in both markets. One good example is the recent geopolitical unrest in the Ukraine, with Russia threatening military force there to take the Crimea peninsula.

Typically, commodities like Oil and Gold will rally during threats of war, especially in countries rich with natural resources like Russia. Clearly, both markets were already sailing higher well before this tension between Ukraine and Russia really took center stage in the media as it has recently.

They were forecast at k but came in at just k, well below expectations. Crude oil — Bullish trend remains intact despite global news and economic events… In the chart below, we can see that Crude Oil has been in a strong uptrend since about the middle of January.

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A lot of news has come out during the course of this uptrend, both good and bad, but all that mattered to a price action trader like me, was that the market was clearly in a strong bullish trend.

We can clearly see in the chart below that since December 31stgold has been surging higher and in a very firm bullish trend. But, it does not matter. There are literally thousands of variables affecting a market at any given time, the few news items you have time to absorb are not going to matter.

The only reason to ever intervene in a trade is if the underlying price action dynamics change, you can read more on this in my article on how to exit trades.

An analysis of market in todays world

In reality, what typically ends up happening is that you end up having to swallow a MUCH bigger loss than had you just ignored the news all together.

In summary, if you just remove the news entirely, it will eliminate the potential of making either of these mistakes. Conclusion… Some of you reading this will have experienced a lot of the things in this article, but you may still not be convinced even after reading my views and your own experience.End of day gold price quotes for coins and bullion, plus live gold coin prices, up to the minute.

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A valuable discussion of where paper. Nov 19,  · Whether will bring a revival of the fundamental emerging market story or a year of disappointment is an open question, and the more market pressure is seen as an argument for reform the better the outcome will be.

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