An analysis of the monopoly market structure in the american electric power company

Print For nearly one hundred years, the fundamental building block of the electric power sector was the vertically-integrated utility, regulated by the public utility commission in the state s in which the utility operated. Roughly speaking, the electric power supply chain has three links shown in Figure 5. Generators are electric power stations that produce electricity by various means, including the burning of fossil fuels or waste products, harnessing kinetic energy of water and wind, and nuclear fission.

An analysis of the monopoly market structure in the american electric power company

Restructuring the industry generally involves a separating the potentially competitive portions of the sector from the non-competitive or natural monopoly3 portions and b providing rivals with access to the non-competitive portions, which should be considered essential facilities.

This separation of competitive from non-competitive may be accomplished through structural separationfunctional separation, or unbundling.

In a least severe form, structural separations may simply mean that the components are owned by separate subsidiaries of the same corporation.

With functional separation the competitive components and non-competitive components are provided by the same operatorbut the personal and operations are separated.

This is a common approach in telecommunications. To illustrate these restructuring optionsconsider the electricity industry. The vertically integrated operator is also often required to perform accounting separation.

Another transition issue is how to convert monopoly price structures to competitive price structures. Traditional utility pricing contains a number of cross-subsidies that cannot be maintained when there is competition.

There are three basic forms of access. The first is exclusive use of unbundled facilities or capacity. The economics of access pricing depends in part on the nature of the relationship between the firms.

This is most common in telecommunications. The three models of short-term trading arrangements in electricity are the integrated, wheelingand decentralized models.

This difference in roles leads to differences in primary functions.

An analysis of the monopoly market structure in the american electric power company

The first function is to remedy anticompetitive conduct, such as collusion. Footnotes The reference section for Competition in Infrastructure Markets covers this topic. Natural monopoly is defined in the reference section for Monopoly and Market Power. See reference section for Competition in Infrastructure Markets.

Tariff Design also covers issues of cost recovery and how competition affects pricing. The section titled Pricing for the Poor and Social Aspects also examine pricing for universal access and universal service.

See the reference section for Competition in Infrastructure Markets.The abuse of market electric power is an example of market failing. The remedies proposed by the SCP paradigm need not improve in handling the condition.

The Chicago school also believes that the SCP paradigm is completely based on private market trades and price theory (Clegg, ). In accordance with Chinese anti-monopoly law, the market share of more than 50 per cent is considered to have monopoly power or market power (Market Power).

And market power is the basic premise where monopoly can cause harm to the industry (Hu and Chen, ). American professor of economics Harold Demsetz has pointed out, however, that these markets had no such monopoly tendencies before exclusive rights were granted; in fact, up to 45 different.

An example of a natural monopoly is electric power distribution firm or trash Collection Company. A monopoly market structure can be detrimental to the welfare of society and causes unnecessary power when we encourage a free competitive market.

Inc v Pennsylvania Power & Light Company.

An analysis of the monopoly market structure in the american electric power company

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American Electric Power, based in Ohio, illustrates the trend. The holding company serves 5 million customers across the U.S.

after acquiring a series of smaller power providers.

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