Angel thesis evangelion

Family Guy - Rated: The Wasteland is ripped away through Spacetime and changes place with Earth s Germany. On both worlds, Earth and Warhammer, nothing will ever be the same.

Angel thesis evangelion

Surely only good things would come of it, right? That is, unless some poor shmuck gets overwhelmed with nostalgia and decides to embark on the unenviable task of trying to make a coherent plot out of the whole mess.

Like that would ever happen, right? Somewhere deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, a would-be god was hatching. An orange egg the size of a two-story house, firmly nestled beneath layers of grime and earth, slowly pulsed with light.

The nightmarish menagerie of deep-sea life that dwelt near the egg gave no attention to it, being mostly made up of blind creatures. What did disturb them, however, was when the egg began to tremble, shaking loose fifteen years-worth of collected detritus and sending any nearby creatures darting away, terrified by the sudden change.

The egg continued to shudder and, if one looked closely, one could see a dark mass squirming within. Then one would mostly likely be disturbed because the thing within looked a tad too much like a human fetus. The smooth surface of the egg began to crack, followed by a relatively tiny pink spike poking its way out.

Once it broke through, an overbearing light encompassed the egg, its form losing all cohesion as the thing within burst through and took shape. The first distinguishable feature was a red orb, roughly the same size as the now-dissipated egg.

The orb glowed, and around it an immense figure took shape. Standing nearly two-hundred feet tall on spindly legs, the creature stepped onto the ocean floor, its tri-symmetrical hands bracing it in the muck. Most of its skin was a dark green, almost slimy, with bony plates forming along its shoulders and rib cage.

With a bird-like and bony face, it looked up. Exalting in its birth, the would-be god began plotting grand designs and schemes, no doubt reveling in its newfound power and- Hey, I was TOTALLY supposed to have wings!

I waited fifteen-frickin-years for wings and what do I get? Whatever, the Angel thought as it stood to its full height. Sooooo where you at, Pops? Expanding the Light of its Soul outward, it began its search.

All from the Black Seed, too. After a few more minutes of scanning the globe, it finally found a Light that set itself apart from the others.

Unlike the rest, the Light felt… ancient, like its Soul had existed for eternity.


And that could only mean one thing. Time to pay Pops a visit!

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With a push from its legs, boosted by the Light of its Soul, the Angel launched upward. The darkness of the deep ocean quickly began to fade, giving way to blue. Alright world, here comes Sachiel! Unbeknownst to it, they most certainly were.

Every AT-field sensor in the Pacific blared in warning, startling and scaring everyone who was managing them. The news spread like wildfire, eventually reaching a certain orange-spectacled man in the Geofront, who smirked behind his gloved fingers. The Third Angel had come.

A lot of the material was also developed by various people on the Spacebattles forums.

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Okay, maybe there was more to it, but everything was censored out, so it might as well have not mattered! After three-frickin-years of nothing!

His father could kiss his ass for all he cared! Perhaps there was a chance they could be a family again. This woman, a Misato Katsuragi, was supposedly the one picking him up.

Clutching the photo in his hand, Shinji sighed and leaned back in his train seat.Evangelion is without a doubt the best looking anime yet released on blu-ray.

In the box is one 50gb blu-ray disc with the main feature (with dual audio tracks for English and Japanese of course), and several special features.

Recently viewed. Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun vs. OFFICIAL - Westworld Soundtrack - Black Hole Sun - Ramin Djawadi by VJ Ann O'Nymous; GoldenEye (6/8) Movie CLIP - The Exploding Pen () HD vs. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Forever Heavy by VJ Ann O'Nymous. The Third Angel had comeLittle Angel Thesis.

By: luckychaos. Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all related properties belong to Hideaki Anno and Studio Gainax. A lot of the material was also developed by various people on the Spacebattles forums"COME.".

Angel thesis evangelion

MadHat is a fanfiction author that has written 72 stories for Ranma, Dynasty Warriors, Naruto, Saber Marionette J, He-Man, Tenchi Muyo, Evangelion, Dragon Ball Z. Cruel Angel's Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Lyrics: Like an angel with cruel and merciless intent / Go forth, young boy, and you’ll become a legend / In time, this blue of the sky / Will.

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