Anticipating 2008 presidential election essay

The purpose of this assignment is to help develop your ability to use the ROSTE model for evaluation of PR or even advertising campaigns by analyzing a specific case study. I encourage you to find local or regional case studies since these will be more relevant to the kind of work you might be doing in the future. Alternatively, you can use any of the case studies I have uploaded on the portal. Submit this any time before the November 7th deadline.

Anticipating 2008 presidential election essay

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Introduction In the yearKeith V. In his description of this visual turn he mostly referred to photos and images on TV as propaganda tools, not anticipating the enormous changes that the internet would bring Anticipating 2008 presidential election essay in the following years.

Nine years later, Lister et al. Statements of this kind can now be found in any recent academic publication on new media and the development of internet culture.

Before the launch of YouTube inthe enormous effects of this online phenomenon on all aspects of society could hardly be foreseen. Today, in the yearhowever, it is obvious that YouTube and other online media affect every day life, including political decision making, in many ways.

Bythe internet had become even more diverse and complex and offered a lot of new online functions like social networking sites Facebook and video sharing sites YouTube.

Anticipating 2008 presidential election essay

These new opportunities were used by most of the candidates in the presidential election. The later US President Barack Obama as well as his internal opponent Hillary Clinton made use of the internet to spread their political messages and address especially the younger voters.

Inthe online world was not new to most people, but it was used as a major propaganda tool by most politicians and their campaign teams for the first time.

In the Democratic primary elections several candidates did not announce their candidacy in the traditional press but online. On July 23,the first ever political debate took place on YouTube. CNN had invited eight different candidates participating in the Democratic primary election who answered the questions of YouTube users in an online debate Jenkins Although this YouTube event caused some debates about the appropriateness of such forms of political discussion Jenkins Politicians as well as citizens started to use the video sharing website for campaigning and political activism.

Candidates tried to establish closer relationships to their voters via online videos while the voters created their own form of grassroots activism by producing videos dealing with the election. As Barack Obama was strongly represented online Ordeix, Ginesta In the age of new mass media and internet culture, the systematic use of online tools has become an essential part of political propaganda.

News Media Bias in President Obama's Favor

Rainer Gries emphasizes the fact that propaganda is multidimensional and ambiguous The addressees of propagandistic messages can be activists at the same time 16which is reinforced in the world of YouTube where the recipients of political messages can reply to and comment on these messages by creating their own videos.

Henry Jenkins is one of the pioneers in this field of study. In his book Convergence Culturehe examines the effects of the multiple new media platforms in general, and focuses on politics in the age of YouTube Other publications dealing with new media, new technologies, online networks and their influence on different aspects of life include Lister et al.

These publications point out that the online world and the world of new media in general are very complex and impossible to be understood and analyzed in simple terms and theories.

Therefore, the following text will be concerned with specific questions related to the use of the internet in politics. The following chapters will explore how online videos influence and change political campaigning.The inspiration for the work was a flag that Abraham Lincoln altered for his presidential re-election campaign in The campaign took place during the Civil War, when the issue of slavery had driven the nation to arms, and after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued in Jun 14,  · Kurt Campbell and Ely Ratner’s essay is a valuable contribution to the intensifying debate over the future of U.S.

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Presidential Leadership in Political Time Skowronek, Stephen Published by University Press of Kansas Skowronek, Stephen.

"Crush on Obama." A Case Study on the Impact of YouTube-Videos on

The presidential election of was fought over the prospects for Anticipating decisive change in his rise to power, Obama invited.

Constitution in Kenya Essay.

Anticipating 2008 presidential election essay

A. Pages Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay very few Kenyans were anticipating the aftermath of that election. Violence engulfed the country immediately the result for the presidential election was announced on the 30 December leading to the death of more than persons and the.

The US presidential election is often referred to as the first internet election as the candidates (Howard Dean in particular 1) started to use blogs and websites to raise money and convince voters online (Zielmann, Röttger 77). By , the internet had become even more diverse and complex and offered a lot of new online functions.

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