Beyonc irreplaceable vs 50 cent s p i m p

Ne-Yo wrote the song in the country style, thinking of country singers Shania Twain and Faith Hill during the sessions. However, they thought a female vocalist would be more suitable, [2] and Ne-Yo also thought that it was empowering for a woman to sing it. It was produced by Stargate and the sounds are really good and they all made sense, and there was lots of room for all the instruments. For the acoustic guitars, he used the analogue flanger of a TC spatial expander "to sweeten the sound" and to give them "a little bit more spread".

Beyonc irreplaceable vs 50 cent s p i m p

This year, we thought we'd share them! Our staff top 10s will be rolling out all this week, along with several less conventional lists we've come up with, like couplesguilty-pleasure songsalbumshot messes, arrests and much more. Enjoy, and share your own top 10s in You Tell Us!

Shaheem Reid, hip-hop editor: Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums 1. Graduation by Kanye West Consistent sonic excellence and a vastly improved lyrical artillery made West's third LP my numero uno. He smashed the game hard, and when he puts out a video for "Flashing Lights" init'll be lights out for the comp again.

I know an album is a classic when my favorite track from it changes week to week. At first nobody could have told me that "Ignorant Sh--" wasn't the best joint, but my top pick varies every other time I hear the album: Back to Black by Amy Winehouse Tortured excellence.

Blige because the pain in her music obviously has no pretension. The album was my pleasant surprise of She dedicated a whole song to Nas, for goodness' sake.

Finding Forever by Common I'm proud of Com and what he's become. The crazy thing is that he's always been talented and insightful "Retrospect for Life" is still as stirring now as it was in the '90sbut those Kanye beats have finally placed Com in the upper echelon.

Curtis by 50 Cent 50 got so much flack for this album, but truth be told, if he would have cut a couple of songs off, his record would have been right in pocket.

50 Cent claims Beyonce 'jumped off a ledge' to confront him over Jay Z | Daily Mail Online

He had so many hits on this album, how it hasn't gone platinum is one of the biggest question marks of the year. Hopefully he'll drop "Miscommunication" as his next single in The dual-personality thing threw some people off, but you have to really sit down and listen to what the King of the South is saying on his album.

He does what a lot of MCs can't do right now: As I Am by Alicia Keys The record is pretty new to me, but she's one of the most powerful voices out there right now.

Beyonc irreplaceable vs 50 cent s p i m p

It's a one-listen showstopper. Two albums for one spot. But yo, verbally, Ghost is as agile as I've ever heard him on his new album, and Styles P's effort is his most cohesive and best yet.

SP would have had a classic had he left a couple of songs on the cutting-room floor. Street Love by Lloyd People slept on Irv Gotti's lil' homie, but I burned this album up so much at the top of the year.rap, hip-hop, r'n'b / Сборники» Скачать торрент the best of the best musik collection ().

Today at 9am on The Madd Hatta Morning Show. Two classic hip-hop CD’s battle it out for ultimate supremacy. Kanye West third CD the 3X platinum “Graduation” () vs.

50 Cent’s 8X platinum debut “Get Rich or Die Tryin” (). Though he was only years-old when he passed away, Nate Dogg continues to live on through the two decades of music that he created.

For years, the Cali singer was the best R&B feature around. During the weekend, 50 Cent shared an Instagram image collage where he compared shots between the video of his song and of Puffy’s racy ad. In such image post, he captioned “Hmmmm pretty similar” and wondered if Sean John Combs, Puff Daddy’s real name, copied the concept from his video.

Outta Control (50 Cent feat. Mobb Deep) P.I.M.P. Pass The Patron (Tony Yayo feat. 50 Cent) Patiently Waiting (50 Cent feat. Eminem) Payback (P's And Q's) (Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent) Pearly Gates (Mobb Deep feat.

50 Cent) Peep Show (50 Cent feat. Eminem) Pieces (Tory Lanez feat. 50 Cent) Piggy Bank Pilot Places To Go Poor Lil Rich Poppin' Them.

50 Cent Vs. Jay Z: Fif Says It Was Tough Competing With Beyonce - MTV She teased her We need your energy!
50 Cent vs Puff Daddy: Animal Ambition vs 3AM | To date, his studio albums have sold over 21 million units. In his relatively short time in the spotlight, 50 Cent founded label G-Unit records, launched G-Unit clothing company, and has even acted in several movies with legends like Al Pacino and Robert Deniro.
Kanye West, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, T.I. Pumped Out The Hottest Hip-Hop, In Our Year-End Top 10s - MTV Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend 3: Avril Lavigne - Alone Feat.
50 Cent Porn Videos | I heard that LL is revealing insider info on Def Jam and citing artists that have left the label or never had the chance to shine. This could be the most monumental battle ever.
Billboard charts Mary's Montessori School in Houston, where she enrolled in dance classes. Her singing talent was discovered when dance instructor Darlette Johnson began humming a song and she finished it, able to hit the high-pitched notes.

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