Breastfeeding vs formula research paper

In the first year of life -per never-breastfed infants compared with infants exclusively breastfed for at least three months- the researchers found: Higher impulsivity Poor concentration Bad verbal memory These symptoms were found greater in the case of children who were not breastfed. But the iron of your precious human milk is attached to Lactoferrin a protein which is the specific transporter to your baby only. So, it is not related to the quantity of iron but the quality.

Breastfeeding vs formula research paper

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Bottle-feeding Essay Sample Every mother of a newborn baby must choose one of two methods available to feed her infant —bottle feeding or breastfeeding.

This choice is a personal preference and each is nutritionally sound. Either method has its advantages and disadvantages, however Peter Chen, M.

Chen na Breastfeeding can be one of two ways — directly from the breast or expressing the milk from the mother to be fed to the infant through a bottle. If directly from the breast the mother is solely responsible for providing nutrition to the infant — however, if the mother is unable to remain with her infant at all times it is possible that feeding her newborn can be supplemented with bottle feedings.

Once newborns reach the age of two months, they are prone to adapt easily to the change in nipple. Chen na Researchers have found that breastfed infants have a lower occurrence of ear infections, stomach as well as intestinal infections, skin diseases and allergies.

Chen na Disadvantages of this feeding method include nipple soreness from regular feedings, breast engorgement and leaking. Mothers may also feel as if they lack experience with this process or the support of others and become sensitive and reluctant to asking for assistance. The commitment can be overwhelming and the mother may become exhausted.

Infants may also have a condition that will not allow breastfeeding as an option such as prematurity, weakness in physical conditions or other birth defects. It has been proven that formula digests slower than breast milk; therefore, the newborn is satisfied for longer periods of time, which can be particularly beneficial to families who have other children in their care.

Healthcare professionals specializing in infant care such as physicians, dieticians and nurses can provide information and support with either method. As breastfeeding is not always the natural instinct of the mother or the baby seeking outside help will support parents as they decide which method will fit within their lifestyle.

Works Cited Chen, Peter. More essays like this:Infant formula manufacturers have told mothers in third-world countries that breast milk wasn't as good for their babies as the commercial product — which is also a lie. Breastfeeding Baby Breast milk is the perfect food for baby, with numerous advantages over baby formula, especially in the first four months or so.

Here's why.


Historically, breast feeding is thought to be more beneficial, and research tends to slightly support this notion. Choosing breast or bottle feeding, first of all, depends largely on the mother.

Breastfeeding vs formula research paper

Women that are too busy to pump, uncomfortable with breast feeding, possess sensitive breasts or suffer from certain medical conditions will not be able to breast feed. Unlike breast milk, formula contains vitamin D and vitamin B12, giving the baby an extra source of vitamins.

In addition to the extra vitamins, bottle fed babies have unlimited amount of choices when it comes to their formula. Methods. Qualitative research in the form of focus groups was conducted in three communities in the province in A thematic content analysis identified the main themes that influenced mothers’ decisions to formula-feed their infants.

Infant-formula-feeding is inferior to breastfeeding because human milk provides specific and non-specific factors that have long-term consequences for early metabolism and the development of .

Breastfeeding vs formula research paper