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Current Slide Internships An emphasis on real-life work and cultural experiences are highly encouraged among the Earl Woods Scholars as an avenue to build power skills, prepare for the workplace and foster knowledge of a specialized career. Through professional enrichment opportunities, such as job shadowing, internships, fellowships and study abroad, the program provides valuable resources and information that assists scholars in building their resume as they pursue their career aspirations. To ensure each scholar has a clear and focused exit strategy upon graduation, we help create a personalized career plan that supports their definition of success.

Earl woods

Earl's father Miles had five children by his first wife, and six of whom Earl was the youngest by his second. A Baptist and an epileptic, Miles worked as a street cleaner and caretaker.

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He enjoyed the reputation of being able to swear for 30 minutes without interruption; as Earl put it, "I picked up on that". Miles's children by his second wife, Maude Carter, were all of different colours.

Miles himself was black, clearly of African ancestry. Maude, however, was lighter-skinned, and Grandmother Carter "the prettiest blonde you ever saw".

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The shape and setting of Earl's eyes seemed to bear out the family joke that they had had a Chinese ancestor who "didn't stay on his railroad job". Miles Woods loved baseball, and soon indoctrinated Earl into the faith. Maude, who had had a college education, was determined that her children should make the best of themselves.

When Miles died inshe had to swallow her intellectual pride and take work as a maid - and that, remembered Earl, "broke her heart". She died inwhen Earl was Earl left Manhattan High School inwent on to Kansas State University, apparently on some kind of sporting scholarship, and in became the first black baseball player in "the Big Seven" group of midwestern colleges.

Earl woods

As such, he was obliged to eat and sleep separately from his fellow players during away games. Bright, and faithful to his mother's priorities, Earl Woods emerged from university with a degree in Sociology.

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His hopes of a glamorous career in baseball faded after he failed to secure terms from any club save the Kansas City Monarchs, a black team which played in a minor league. In he married a girl called Ann Hart and, deeming that a career in the Army might offer more opportunity than civil employment, signed on for basic training.

By Ann and he had two sons and a daughter. In Earl was posted to Korea, and next year sent to Vietnam. Back in the US inhe volunteered for the Green Berets, an elite special force, and was appointed Special Services Officer in Bangkok, in charge of organising recreation for the troops.

On his return to America Woods pressured his wife into a separation, and subsequently, under somewhat murky circumstances, obtained a divorce in Mexico. They fought together in many tight spots, and Phong more than once saved his life. Woods was so impressed by his friend that he called him "Tiger".

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Earl Woods - IMDb Edit Earl Woods was born in Manhattan, Kansas. His father, Miles Woods, had five children by his first wife, Viola, and six more of whom Earl was the youngest by his second, Maude Carter.

In March he retired as lieutenant-colonel. He chose his house in Cypress, Orange County - a white neighbourhood - because it was five minutes away from the Naval golf course.

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He had taken up the game at the end of his Army career and had immediately shown a talent for it. Eldric Tont Tida's choice of names Woods was born on December 30 ; from the beginning, though, Earl called him "Tiger", after his friend in Vietnam.

At two the boy was accompanying his father to the Navy Course; at three, if Earl is to be believed, he shot 48 on the back nine. Meanwhile Earl had got his own handicap down to one. When Tiger was four, Earl put him under professional instruction.

His enthusiam for the boy was in sharp contrast to the indifference he had shown to the children of his first marriage.

Earl woods

Determined that Tiger should be mentally strong enough to support his talent, Earl Woods gave him tapes with such subliminal messages as "My will moves mountains". To accustom the boy to distractions he would drop a golf bag in the middle of his swing.

Tiger was also indoctrinated very early in the demands of celebrity, appearing aged three on the Mike Douglas Show with Bob Hope and James Stewart. At 15, Tiger became the youngest player ever to win the US Junior Championship - his father always reckoned this feat to be his greatest achievement - and then retained the title in the next two years.

Then, from to he won three successive US Amateur Open championships. A tendency to burst into tears at the moment of victory hinted at the pressure he felt.

Through all these triumphs Earl Woods continued to act as guide and mentor, mortgaging and remortgaging the house to provide the necessary funds. In he was obliged to have a triple bypass operation to his heart; nevertheless he went on smoking and drinking.

He did, however, give up work to concentrate on his charge, after which Tida became the earner of the family. When Tiger acquired a girlfriend, his father appeared convinced that she was principally interested in his celebrity and future earnings - for which, indeed, Earl was already laying foundations.

He welcomed the interest which Mark McCormack's International Management Group showed in the young prodigy; indeed, he himself received expenses.

At an early stage, too, he contacted a lawyer to represent his son's interests. So when Tiger turned professional inhe immediately became a multi-millionaire. Inhowever, Earl Woods suffered a heart attack.View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Earl Woods.

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Training a Tiger: A Father's Guide to Raising a Winner in Both Golf and Life Apr 3, by Earl Woods and Tiger Woods. Dec 16,  · Tiger Woods, then an amateur, gets some tips from his father, Earl Woods, after practice for the Masters tournament.

(Sancetta/AP). May 04,  · Earl Woods, who mentored his son Eldrick and watched him grow into the golfer Tiger Woods, one of the world's most celebrated athletes, died .

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