Impact of recession on tourism

A mountain gorilla in Parc Nacional des Volcans, Rwanda. Primate-watching tourists have helped the country rebound from civil conflict in recent years. Tourism is the third highest source of foreign revenue.

Impact of recession on tourism

A mountain gorilla in Parc Nacional des Volcans, Rwanda. Primate-watching tourists have helped the country rebound from civil conflict in recent years. Tourism is the third highest source of foreign revenue. But the global economic crisis is expected to slow international travel this year, especially for vacationers.

As a result, gorilla expeditions and Rwanda's efforts to promote local economic development may suffer. But around the world, developers of ecotourism and other "sustainable tourism" operations are searching for ways to ensure that the economic recession does not undermine years of progress.

Sustainable tourism has grown in popularity in recent years and now accounts for an estimated 1 percent of all tourism operations. Tourism destinations are considered sustainable if they do not adversely affect habitats, local communities, or cultural heritage, according to the recently developed Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

Impact of recession on tourism

Global tourism market slows International tourism began to slow in June of last year. This year, the World Tourism Organization WTO expects cross-border visits to remain steady or decline 2 percent, according to its latest assessment in January.

Worldwide, businesses are cutting their travel budgets, which often means bypassing more expensive eco-conscious destinations.

Less than 20 percent of companies rated environmentally sustainable travel as a high priority in a survey conducted between December and January by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives and KDS, a European business consultancy.

Steve Johnson, a tourism consultant who focuses on community-based natural resource management, has already noticed tourists scaling back.

They have largely stopped coming. Ronald Sanabria directs the Rainforest Alliance's sustainable tourism certification program, which focuses on Central and South America.

Participants in his program have not yet seen a measurable negative effect from the recession, he said. Nonetheless, more hotels are seeking ways to reduce their energy costs in case fewer visitors arrive in the coming months.

Travel businesses in Central America are also marketing more within the region or their own countries to prepare for declining interest from North America and Europe, Sanabria said. Matt Landau, founder of the online real estate newsletter The Panama Reportis calling the tourism possibilities spawned by the economic downturn "recession tourism.

Tourism ministers called for countries to include sustainable tourism in their economic stimulus packages, many of which offer wider support for "green jobs.

In other words, communities should not rely entirely on tourists, said William Powers, a senior fellow at the New York-based World Policy Institute.

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If the recession leads tourism businesses to lay off workers, however, these and other extractive industries are not likely to provide renewed employment opportunities, due to the drop in global demand for the commodities. Meanwhile, the upgrades that are often necessary for a tourism business to be considered sustainable, such as energy efficiency retrofits or solar panels, will likely be delayed until the global economy recovers.

We only want people who see sustainability as important," he said. He can be reached at bblock worldwatch.

Impacts of Economic Recession on Greek Domestic Tourism

· Abstract: In assessing the effects of economic recession on tourism, three of the most important issues to be considered are (1) the extent of the recession; (2) does economic recession have a direct bearing on tourism demand?

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Consumer expenditure data concerning the transformation of travelers’ dining choices during the recession also disclosed that these new dining preferences persisted for years into the  · The report said the global recession started to hit inbound tourism towards the end of , and in the first six months of there was a 9% decline in inbound visitors.

Impact of recession on tourism

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