Is america really the land of

The French established their own as well along the Mississippi River.

Is america really the land of

The media claims that it's a day to "celebrate our freedoms". Yet they are never clear what that means exactly, probably because they don't want you to think too much about it. Because if you did, you'd realize that it doesn't make sense. The notion that America has "special freedoms" that the rest of the world doesn't, like many concepts in America, turns out to be a baseless myth upon examination.

In actuality, America is one of the least free countries in the world, compared to most other countries. Yet Americans are brainwashed to believe that they live in "the land of the free" without reason or basis. Since the media and everyone else around them repeat this like a programmed mantra, they assume it must be true so they just repeat it to go along.

It's like a religion. But it's based on the faulty premise that all other countries are unfree and all under some kind of dictatorship, while America is the only country that remains free, which is totally UNTRUE.

It's just a form of mind control designed to pacify the sheeple and human cattle with false ideas to keep them motivated to go to work and be productive. So nowadays, on the 4th of July, they just use it as a holiday to have fun and light fireworks.

So this myth of America being "the land of the free" is way outdated now. But people still chant it to be cool and fit in, and the corporate media still propagates it of course, because their job is to promote the mind control of the establishment.

So perhaps I'm beating a dead horse with this article. However, I still want to write this because there are many more reasons why America is not a free country, besides tyranny of government which is what the alternative media focuses onthat is not discussed in either the mainstream media, alternative media or the conspiracy movement.

And I want to elaborate on them here. So most of this will be new to most people that are not familiar with my work on HappierAbroad. Here are good logical reasons why America is not "the land of the free", but is in fact one of the most unfree countries: America has the highest number of laws in the world.

Everything is over-regulated in America. Too much regulation takes away freedoms. In contrast, Mexico has one of the fewest number of laws.

Ask any Mexican immigrant, and they will tell you that Mexico is way freer than America. No other country has as many laws as America does.

Now, I know some of the laws are supposed to be there to protect people, but they've gone way into overkill. Other countries are able to maintain safety without so many laws.

So why can't the US? Too much overcontrol is not a good thing. Many laws are there just to tax people and allow government to stick its nose where it doesn't belong, such as in the affairs of private families and businesses. Moreover, too much government control or state planning has never been good for economic growth, as history has shown.

The size of the US government has increased in size by 20 times since the dawn of the 20th Century.

Is america really the land of

The size of the government has grown like a huge monster out of control.Moon landing conspiracy theories claim that some or all elements of the Apollo (–) – was an inventor and 'self-taught' engineering buff. Author of the self-published book NASA Mooned America!

Bart Sibrel Longuski argues that it would have been much easier to really land on the Moon than to generate such a huge conspiracy . Who Really Owns America’s Land? Under English common law, a most unique significance was attached to the unalienable right of possessing, developing, and disposing of property.

Sep 14,  · Not only that, but the earnings gap between poor and rich college-educated kids is huge, and it grows over the course of a career. Right after college, poor kids earn about two-thirds as much as. May 20,  · Best Answer: SURE America IS the land of the free, UNLESS you are a LEGAL, hardworking, TAXPAYER!!!!!

ANd i know for a fact that a LOT of illegals, sit on their sorry butts all day and draw WEFARE for them and all their kids!!! I have a relative that works for a lowincome housing,and a couple of years ago Status: Resolved. This article (Iran is Labeling GMOs So is America Really the Land of the Free?) was created by and appeared first at Natural Blaze.

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