Lady finger vegetable essay help

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Lady finger vegetable essay help

Uses of Lady finger: In Japanese culture, slices of Lady finger is often served with sushi. In Indian culture, variety of dishes are prepared using Lady finger like stuffed okra, okra fry, okra gravy and many more.

Raw okra is widely used due to its medicinal values; many also prefer it in the raw form. Stuffed lady finger-recipe Now,lets move to the most important part of our topic which is; Medicinal values.

We prefer this very vegetable as curry, fry and in many other forms. But many of you must not be aware of it medicinal values. This small vegetable contains lots of curative properties in it. Some of them are listed below- 1.

Good for Diabetes- Diabetes which is also called Blood Sugar or Diabetes Mellitus; is a disease in which the sugar level in blood rises. Lady finger or Okra is a very effective remedy for this.

Firstly, Okra being rich in fibres helps to normalize the blood sugar; it absorbs the excessive sugar from blood lady finger vegetable essay help balances the level. THere is a remedy which you can apply in case of diabetes which is given as follows; Take 2 tender Okras and cut its head.

Take a glass of lukewarm water and dip it from the head side for overnight. Next morning, take out the okras and drink the water. Perform this process on a daily basis; you will observe the result of your own.

Good for Intestinal disorders- Most of diseases occurs from stomach and intestines. Many are even such which are really incurable. One should include Okras in their daily diet. It is like a nectar for them. Okras acts as a detoxify agent. It binds up the cholesterol and other disorders which helps to keep our intestines safe.

The sticky thing present in Okras lubricates your intestines and keeps it safe and protected from infectious agents. It balances the pH level and also keeps away disordrrs like constipation, acidity, heart burning and many more. Friendly for Good Bacteria- As we know, there are two types of bacteria present in body; one results in good consequences whereas other one is simply the harmful one.

Okra is like the friend for good ones. It strengthens the amount of good bacteria thus strengthens our immune system. It is very god for a build-up immunity thus it keeps your body safer from all kinds of hazards and ailments.

Good for Urinary tract- Many of us suffers from ailments and infections related to excretory system or urinary tract.

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One of the most common is burning sensation while urination. Many of us thinks it as the normal one; but sometimes it can be the symptom of some fatal disease. To cure the burning sensation, one must opt for Okras.

It avails frequent urination which simultaneously aids in this very problem. One suffering from this should avoid spicy and heavy foods.

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Helps to grow appetite- Those who are internally weak, lean and fatigued; should have okras on a daily basis. It provides you energy and revitalize the body system. It is also good for those suffering from stress and depression.From the era of slavery to the rise of Donald Trump, wealthy elites have relied on the loyalty of poor whites.

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lady finger vegetable essay help

Lady finger or Okra or bhindi — 7 surprising benefits of this superfood Lady’s finger is a non-leafy, green, fruit vegetable that is widely consumed in .

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