Microsoft competir por el talento

Steve Thomson Eduardo M. Este modelo de negocio responde a las nuevas necesidades de los usuarios y a las inquietantes condiciones medioambientales. Y como siempre es bueno predicar con el ejemplo, hemos adoptado un modelo nuevo para crear este libro:

Microsoft competir por el talento

In that scene, one details to successful enterprise cases like the one of Bill Gates, Donal Trump, Carlos Ardila Lule and Julio Successful and visionary Mario Santodomingo, industralists that they arrived at the highest positions in the world of the businesses.

Between the main lessons one is that these industralists have had in common that they Microsoft competir por el talento made the best decisions at the opportune moment, and have known to take advantage of the best form the opportunities than they have appeared to them.

Also the sense of smell for the businesses that has allowed them to identify the tendencies of the markets and of this form to create products that satisfy of optimal form the necessities of the consumers. Nevertheless also there are differences, for example some have gone to their genius to create products, as it is the case of Bill Gates when it invented Microsoft, and others have resorted to their ability for the public relations like Donal Trump that incursiono of this form to businesses like the hotels and the world of the spectacle.

She is one enterprise activity that it looks for through managers, producers, consultants and experts to improve the productivity and therefore the competitiveness of the companies or businesses.

An optimal management does not only look for to make the things best, most important it is to make the correct things better and in that sense it is necessary to identify the factors that influence in the success or better result of the management. The emprendimiento like the way can be defined to think, to feel and to act, in search of, to initiate, to create or to form a project through identification of ideas and opportunities of businesses, viable in terms of markets, economic, social, environmental and political factors, also endogenous factors like capacity in human talent, physical and financial resources, that allow to the entrepreneur an alternative him for the improvement in the quality of life, by means of the development of a plan of business or the creation of companies.

Se entiende como la capacidad de tomar la iniciativa, gestionar, convocar, promover, incentivar, motivar y evaluar a un grupo o equipo. It is understood like the capacity to take the initiative, to manage, to summon, to promote, to stimulate, to motivate and to evaluate to a group or equipment.

Al comenzar el tercer milenio, el sistema operativo Microsoft Windows en todas sus versiones se utiliza en la mayor parte de ordenadores personales del planeta. This school already had a computer inso Gates had the possibility of contacting Soon with the machine and of being become fond of to computer science.

Also in Lakeside it knew Paul Allen, with that later would found Microsoft. It created the company of software Microsoft the 4 of April ofbeing still student in university Harvard.

Inone met with representatives of IBM in Seattle. It was able to sell the operating system to them MSDOS, although it not yet had it and soon he bought to very low price a young programmer. IBM needed that operating system to compete with Apple, reason for which the negotiation was flexible.

Microsoft wanted the rights of license, maintenance, and the faculty to even sell the TWO to other companies. IBM accepted, considering that what would produce dividends would be the hardware and not software.

It offered to improve its spreadsheets and other programs. It threatened selling its computer science material to IBM, with which it obtained an alliance Apple-Microsoft. Microsoft legally obtained the technology of the graphical surroundings and the mouse, and removed to the market Microsoft Windows, like direct competitor of Macintosh.

When beginning the third millenium, the operating system Microsoft Windows in all its versions is used most of in personal computers of the planet. Bill Gates is second in the annual list of the greater personal fortunes made by the magazine Forbes, with goods calculated around 53 billion American dollars in surpassed by Carlos Slim with Init acquired a manuscript of Leonardo gives Vinci by 30 million dollars.

The 16 of June of make their intention public to leave their daily workings to the front of Microsoft towards to dedicate itself entirely to the foundation. Bill Gates is rich, powerful, and an able visionary to make reality many of its dreams.

Not only it seems to know what is going to happen in the future but that more likely will condition it with its decisions. It began with a money that won playing the poker and today it is, with difference, the richest man on the Earth. He was a timid boy and today in the Time magazine they consider the second man more powerful of the United States, only behind the president, Its ambition goes beyond the intellectual curiosity is in the base of all its profits.

In addition, they move its dreams to him. Su exigencia y su perfeccionismo fueron apoyo para su logro. Fue perseverante en todo momento. Also, it has been designated several times like the admired industralist more of the country. At the end of the decade of the 90 it experienced one of the most difficult times of its enterprise life.

Pero Ardila managed to on sale leave ahead thanks Brewery Lioness to the group Santo Domingo, and a special program of austerity to pay the debt, to lower the liabilities and to concentrate themselves in the business of soda waters and juice.

At the present time, it produces alcohol fuel at the rate ofliters daily, equivalent to 12, barrels of petroleum to the day. The organization Ardila Lule is conformed by a set of companies dedicated to the production, transformation and commercialization of goods and services, that allow to participate with decision in the development and the progress him of the country.

It had spirit of matchless fight to obtain its dreams It was versatile entrepreneur and in its projects.

Microsoft competir por el talento

Its exigency and their perfeccionismo was support for their profit. It was perseverante at any moment. Inteligencia y astucia gracias a todos sus estudios. Fue responsable con sus decisiones.

Miller megred with the surafricana company SAP. In this Santo Domingo fusion it acquired Por Talento. El portal de empleo para las personas con discapacidad. Más de inclusiones laborales.

Empresa, mundo global y adaptación al cambio entre otras cosas, por el desarrollo y aplicación de la tecnología. En estos momentos, vivimos rodeados de máquinas y redes inteligente s en el trabajo, en el hogar en el ocio y en campo de la salud. La innovación, el talento y el potencial de los recursos humanos en el país, han sido.

Sin embargo se trata de un Uno parcelado, fragmentado. Es por ejemplo, el Uno homogéneo de los escenarios abiertos de consumo de drogas en Zurich para toxicómanos marginados, que no son rebeldes ni subversivos, sino dominados por el goce narcisista de la sustancia, goce regulado por el mismo discurso social como empuje generalizado al consumo.

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