Muet grammar tips

Thursday, July 22, Grammar Test Curious to know your grammar proficiency percentage by just completing a simple quiz? I've designed 10 multiple choice questions for my Grammar Formulas workshop A The child is talking to a boys.

Muet grammar tips

To do well in MUET, here are some tips: You must know how to use those words in the right context. Of course, grammar is just as important. Use grammar books, read more English materials and notice how sentences are structured.

Then practice writing and have someone to correct your work. Avoid reading the subtitles. Be very careful not to use slangs which most Malaysians are used to.

Muet grammar tips

But, this reading paper is tough. It requires students to analyse the questions and familiarise themselves with the type of data. A lot of practice helps so get cracking on all the questions online and from MUET reference books.

This could be due to the sound system and nerves. The audio is played twice — the trick is to write down the answers first in pencil and then the second time in pen. Another thing you should know is that MUET sometimes test your general knowledge. It could be topics surrounding Malaysia, sports and education.

What you need to work on Grammar Merely reading the dictionary will not help hone your English. Master your grammar first, then go ahead and memorise those fancy big words.

Simple grammar rules like present and past tenses and when to put an S after a word must come naturally to you. To practise, pick up an exercise workbook on grammar and practise hard till you get there. Avoid using words like lah, mah, wah and eh when you speak.

This will help you with information search and limit the time spent going through an article over and over again in search for answers.

Underline as you read Train yourself to underline important words and points when you read articles or questions. Train your ears You must be able to differentiate words that sound similar such as soup and soap, hard work and hardwood, and lame and lamp.

Although you may not have heard some of these words, listening carefully and relating it to the context will enable you to identify the accurate word. Be prepared for the worst In some instances, you may be unlucky and end up doing your listening paper in a hall filled with echo.

Or the sound system may sound a bit too muffled for your liking. The trick is to stay calm and not panic.Malaysian University English Test (MUET) Grammar & Vocabulary. NAME: CLASS: 1 Effective Practice MUET – Oxford Fajar Sdn. Corner..ღ: TIPS WRITING MUET

Bhd. () Bhd. ().Malaysian University English Test (MUET) Grammar & Vocabulary 2 Effective Practice MUET – Oxford Fajar Sdn. Oct 09,  · MUET grammar tips What is it that all examiners look for be it for MUET speaking or the other papers?

GOOD GRAMMAR! in fact, flawless grammar is a . The MUET writing test requires students to transfer information from a non-linear source to a linear text, as well as to write an essay of at least words on a given topic. MUET Writing Task 1 (40%) Vocabulary The following words and phrases will help you describe trends: Nouns a rise an increase a surge a growth5/5(2).

How to Get Band 6 in MUET This article on Malaysian University English Test (MUET) preparation, tips and experience was written by Michelle Tam, one of the candidates who got band six in MUET April/May Jul 22,  · Grammar Test Curious to know your grammar proficiency percentage by just completing a simple quiz? also taking muet dis oct.. got any tips for speaking topics? may i hav ur favour to help me Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Anonymous October 12, at AM.

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