Objectification of women in advertising research paper

Women's Objectification in Society Women's Objectification in Society It is crucial to notice the language we use when we talk about bodies. We speak as if there was one collective perfect body, a singular entity that we're all after.

Objectification of women in advertising research paper

Examples range on a spectrum from sexist jokes said in passing to sexual harassment and coercion, physical abuse, rape, and even murder. A sexist joke and an act of sexual violence might be dismissed as two very different and unrelated events, but they are in fact related.

These two behaviors are connected by the presence of sexual objectification. Culturally common and often condoned in the U. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, the analysis of global data reveals alarming results indicating that the prevalence of violence against women is a worldwide health epidemic World Health Organization, Given its ubiquitous nature and contributing status to the perpetuation of gender violence and other sexist beliefs and behaviors, sexual objectification demands a detailed exploration in order to reach a more nuanced understanding of its consequences.

Less than twenty years ago, Fredrickson and Roberts presented objectification theory as a framework through which to better understand the experiences of and psychological risks faced by women in a culture that is constantly looking at, evaluating, and objectifying the female body.

Forms of Sexual Objectification Women frequently face sexual objectification in daily interpersonal interactions and through the active and passive consumption of multimedia.

Interpersonal sexual objectification occurs in the forms of unwanted body evaluation and sexual advances Kozee et al.

Developed by Kozee et al. The ISOS measure simultaneously implies and supports the assertion that when women experience these culturally normalized microaggressions, they are indeed being sexually objectified by the perpetrator.

The experience of sexual objectification is not limited to interpersonal interactions with strangers or acquaintances.

Women's Objectification In Society Research Paper - Words

Most media outlets create further scenarios that expose women to sexual objectification, especially considering that more women than men are depicted in the media in a sexually objectifying manner Szymanski et al.

Advertisements, television shows, movies, music videos, printed media, and pornography all rampantly depict sexually objectifying images of women.

Objectification of women in advertising research paper

The sexual objectification of women extends into all corners of culture and society in the U. Research has linked self-objectification to mental health outcomes such as depression, disordered eating, and reduced productivity. Shame, anxiety, and depression. Prolonged exposure to sexual objectification may also contribute to insidious trauma which is marked by psychological trauma symptoms that occur due to lifelong exposure to microaggressions Miles-McLean et al.

Some of the psychological symptoms found to be associated with the trauma of sexual objectification include anxiety and depression Harned, ; Miles-McLean et al.

Multiple studies have found a relationship between sexual objectification and disordered eating. Harned found that sexual harassment, which is often comprised of sexually objectifying behaviors, was a significant predictor of most disordered eating symptoms, even after controlling for previous physically violent sexual experiences.

Reduced states of productivity and flow. These states are marked by a loss of self-consciousness because all mental energy is focused purely on the task and not on the existence of self Csikszentmihalyi, Conclusion The current literature makes it clear that sexual objectification is both directly and indirectly linked to various mental health distresses and disorders in women, including anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and reduced experiences of flow and productivity.

The literature at hand is informative, but it is merely a platform whose roots and implications must be explored further. Future research should further strive to include or isolate women of different races and ethnicities, varying sexual identities, education levels, and socioeconomic statuses to account for the possible interaction effects these variables might have with experiences of sexual objectification.

Future researcher should take care to note the expanding realm of social media and its role in multiplying the presentations of sexually objectifying images of women as well as providing women with a potential platform to visually self-objectify.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that though men are the main perpetrators of the sexual objectification of women, they are also exposed to it and experience it. Sexual objectification awareness initiatives should not only be directed at girls and women, but at boys and men, parents and teachers.

Despite various limitations, the present data and its implications for female development and mental health trajectories should still be seriously considered in the realms of policy, public health, and education.

A test and extension of objectification theory as it predicts disordered eating:This essay discusses media’s objectification of women. When women are represented in the media, they are generally referred to as objects. Service Format of a Term Paper Free Plagiarism Custom Essay How to Write a Term Paper Paper Essay Topics People Purchase Essay Research Paper Research Papers Sample Essay Samples of Term .

The research "Objectification Of Women In The Music Industry" Free Essays; (“Objectification Of Women In The Music Industry Research Paper”, n.d.) The sexual objectification of women in advertising. In a world where women are the major consumers, it is their right to be portrayed respectfully, if not at least normally.

Self-objectification is even found in women who view sexual objectification as harmless or even complimentary (Fairchild & Rudman, ).

Research has linked self-objectification to mental health outcomes such as depression, disordered eating, and reduced productivity. women self image. Paper also tries to suggest some measures for building ethical The objectification of women involves the act of disregarding the personal and intellectual exploitation in advertising.

Women often appear wanton, passive and child-like in advertisements. Research Paper on Sexual Objectification of Women in Indian Advertisements.

1. Sexual Objectification of Women in Indian Advertising Ashi Pandey & Mahika Bhatnagar Introduction We live in a world that is stratified along lines of gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, disability, sexuality and location, and in which the privileges, disadvantages and exclusions associated with such categories are.

objectification of women. The purpose of this article is to introduce readers to Overview of Sexual Objectification Research As shown in Figure 1, objectification theory (Fredrickson & Roberts, ) advertising, sports media, video games, and Internet sites revealed that women more often than men are depicted in sexualizing .

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