Politics in society essay

The general principles on which any such conflict should be resolved is then set out.

Politics in society essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Society and Politics Essay Sample Society and Politics would be allowing people to vote via the Internet be good or bad for American democracy Introduction Electronic voting popularly known as e-voting is a general term that encompasses numerous types of voting that embraces not only electronic casting of votes but also counting of these votes Bellis M, It includes punching cards, optical scan voting system as well as the specialized voting kiosks.

It can also involve transmission of ballots and votes via the private computer networks, telephone or the internet. Great efforts have been made in the past to ensure that elections process are carried out fairly and democratically such that the end result of the election process reflects Politics in society essay will.

This has seen changes in the electoral process either deliberately and judiciously. The changes have been carried cautiously and sensitively because any form of discrepancy in the electoral system is likely to threaten the principle of free society and consequently affect every aspect of our life Chris, However times are changing and we are now living in an era of quick technology like never before with a general perception that anybody who does not embrace the technology such as the internet is going to be left far much behind.

In this internet era, businesses are moving so fast via online, there is so much social interaction via internet due to the fact that people can access internet on their home personal computers Chris, It has been argued that any organization or institution that doe not want to embrace new technology and instead continue in the old way would be rendered obsolete with time.

This believe does not leave out our political institutions like electoral bodies, however much we may be treating our election process as a delicate and precious matter, the urge and demand to apply these new technology is almost natural just like politics itself Bellis, Then remote electronic voting is the election process that allows people ton cast their votes over the internet using mostly a web browser wherever they can get access to internet be it their homes or any other public place.

However the opponents of this process have numerous arguments over the process by pointing out several issues that may entail their fears other than the security; that people may be tempted to sell their votes to unpopular candidate, they may be coerced to vote for a particular candidate when voting outside of public polling place, the political parties are likely to intensify the soliciting of votes outside public polling place and that in case of online registration of voters, how would the electoral body control the fraud that comes with internet dealings.

These concerns are therefore of great importance considering the fact that even in our current electoral process where election stations are widely distributed can prompt the question of how sure are we to carefully control the electoral process in the past Chris B, As everybody will concur, the security in every aspect is as important as the actual property or process to be secured.

It thus follows that the significance of secure election process can never be exaggerated in any way.

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This is because as I stated before, the future of any democratic world or our country in particular is dependent on the level of confidence that people have in their ability and freedom to elect the representative of their choice.

It thus follows that any process that may pose a real or just perceived threat to the integrity of the process must be treated with a lot of delicacy. Electronic voting analysis It may be more advantageous to vote electronically as compared to other voting techniques.

It may be a fast way of distributing, voting, as well as counting of ballots.

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However, it has numerous potential disadvantages like the potential weakness in the electronic components. According to Charles Stewart of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one million more ballots were counted in general elections of than inreason being that electronic voting system detected ballots that paper based machines usually miss.

In all secret balloting, the accuracy, honesty and security of the entire security system can never be verified by human, hence singling out electronic voting as prone fraud is not clear to accuracy at any level. Electronic voting can use electronic ballots to store votes in a computer memory. There are systems that use them exclusively known as DRE voting systems.

One main advantage of this system is that when electronic ballots are used there is no risk of short supply of the supply as has severally happened in other methods of voting.

Furthermore this method reduces the cost of printing a paper hence cost effective. Further when administering elections that require multiple languages just like it is required in some parts of the United States through the National Voting Rights Act ofthere is a possibility of programming a system that would provide ballots in multiple languages for just a single machine.

This advantage is basically unique to the electronic voting system. This scenario has been seen in States like King County where U.

Politics in society essay

S federal election law require them to provide ballots in Chinese language. The county thus bores the burden of deciding how many such ballots to be printed, how many should be availed to each of the polling stat ion.Society and Politics Essay Sample.

Society and Politics would be allowing people to vote via the Internet be good or bad for American democracy. Society and Politics Essay Sample. Society and Politics would be allowing people to vote via the Internet be good or bad for American democracy.

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