Psychosocial stage essay

Oral stage The first stage of psychosexual development is the oral stagespanning from birth until the age of one year, wherein the infant's mouth is the focus of libidinal gratification derived from the pleasure of feeding at the mother's breast, and from the oral exploration of his or her environment, i.

Psychosocial stage essay

Christine Durand, assistant professor of medicine and oncology and member of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, is involved in clinical and translational research focused on individuals infected with HIV and hepatitis C virus who require cancer and transplant therapies.

Her current research efforts include looking at outcomes of hepatitis C treatment after solid organ transplant, the potential use of organs from HIV-infected donors for HIV-infected solid organ transplant candidates, and HIV cure strategies including bone marrow transplantation.

Durand is supported by multiple grants: She was born and raised in Baltimore and completed her undergraduate studies in Public Health Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University. She obtained her medical degree at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta and then returned to Baltimore to complete her general surgery training as a Halsted Resident at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development | Essay Example

Additionally, she obtained a Ph. Her areas of clinical expertise include hepatobiliary surgery, liver, pancreas, and kidney transplantation and living kidney donation.

Psychosocial stage essay

N Engl J Med. Epub Jan International kidney paired donation. Sommer Gentry is a Professor in the mathematics department at the U. She graduated from Stanford University in with a B.

She built operations research models to improve access to organ transplantation, in constant collaboration with her husband, Dorry Segev. She has served as an advisor to both the United States and Canada in their efforts to create national paired donation registries.

In the Mathematical Association of America selected Dr. Alder award, which recognizes distinguished teaching by a beginning college or university mathematics faculty member. Gentry is supported by an R from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases to study geographic disparities in kidney and liver allocation.

Addressing geographic disparities in geographic liver transplantation through redistricting. American Journal of Transplantation 13 8: The honeymoon phase and studies of nonsimultaneous chains in kidney paired donation. American Journal of Transplantation 11 Optimizing the use of live donor organs.

Journal of the American Medical Association, vol.

She draws on the areas of health information technology, clinical informatics, media, communications, and implementation science to drive innovation and new technology to improve the lives of transplant patients and live donors.

As a national expert in organ transplant policy and through her dedication and service to the national organ transplant network, Dr.

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Henderson actively develops policy and guidance related to the donation and transplantation of organs from living donors to recipients in the U. She is the principle of Kidney Space—a new Facebook integrated health app designed to help patients and families learn about kidney disease and transplantation.

Henderson is currently funded by a diversity supplement from the NIDDK to study living kidney donor outcomes, and is a recipient of the Rothman Early Career Development Award for Surgical Research to develop technological innovations in live kidney donor post-donation care management.

I Have No Regrets.In Freudian psychology, psychosexual development is a central element of the psychoanalytic sexual drive theory, that human beings, from birth, possess an instinctual libido (sexual energy) that develops in five stages.

Each stage – the oral, the anal, the phallic, the latent, and the genital – is characterized by the erogenous zone that is the source of the libidinal drive. In the second stage, Freud called this psychosexual stage the anal stage and Erikson called this psychosocial stage the autonomy vs.

shame stage. Both Freud and Erikson acknowledge child want to have personal control and the importance of toilet training. There is a growing body of evidence that Gender Identity Disorder (GID) as described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV (DSM IV) () is at least in part, the result of insufficient or inappropriate androgenization of the brain at a critical stage of embryonic development.

Stages of Development: Comparison Between Freud and Erikson Essay.

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with Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development an overview of each will first be discussed, followed by a comparison of similarities and differences. During each stage, the person experiences a psychosocial crisis which could have a positive or negative outcome for personality development.

For Erikson (), these crises are of a psychosocial nature because they involve psychological needs of the individual (i.e. psycho) conflicting with the needs of society (i.e.

social). Psychosocial Risk Factors The Board expects you to know about personality, peers, parents and stress. This could be in the form of a full sixteen mark essay but is more likely to be a scenario (AO2) question.

Psychosocial stage essay
Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development | Essay Example