Separating the components of panacetin essay

Experiment 21 The colors white-yellow-black. Experiment 22 Nitrogen and hydrogen by electrolysis. Experiment 23 Demonstration of the plasma state:

Separating the components of panacetin essay

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Stuvia: Buy and sell the best study guides, textbook notes, and class notes Identifying a Component of "Panacetin. The introduction has been split into 2 separate components to briefly give some background on each procedure.

In this lab we will be identifying the unknown compound we previously recovered from Panacetin. The unknown component has been identified as either acetanilide or phenacetin, both comin chemical relatives of acetaminophen. Our experiment today will show us which compound is our unknown component of Panacetin.

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When the unknown component was finished dissolving and slowly cooled at room temperature and later with ice water the component began to crystallize. After the compound was crystallized the unknown compound was separated into three different groups to measure boiling points.

Since the boiling points of phenacetin and acetanilide are different we then added the two compounds to two different groups of the crystallized unknown and left the third group of the unknown alone.

Separating the components of panacetin essay

While measuring boiling points it was observed that the boiling point of the purified unknown was closest to phenacetin with boiling points respectively at and After the capillary tubes were taken out of the heating instrument the components of each tube slowly resolidified.

Amount of unknown compound at the start of the experiment: Total amount of water added during the dissolving process: Boiling point of purified unknown: Boiling point of phenacetin: Boiling point of acetanilide: These results indicate that the purified unknown component of Panacetin is phenacetin.

During the lab no human errors occurred. All of the results received were as first hypothesized in the beginning of the experiment.

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The minimum volume of water necessary to dissolve. After the water is cooled to room temperature there should be a substantial amount of phenacetin that is still dissolved.

Separating the components of panacetin essay

This means that only about. While looking at identifying unknown compounds as in exercise 2 we must compare the unknown component's boiling point when we add all of the potential compounds it may be to the unknown compound.

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Oct 05,  · Separating the components of the Panacetin using Extraction and Evaporation Objectives: The purpose of this experiment was to perform the separation of aspirin, sucrose and an unknown analgesic, which are constituents of Panacetin using the methods of filtration, extraction, and purification Structures: Sucrose Unknown Aspirin Table of Reagents.

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