Spanish written report

In academic articles it is still more common to find the first person plural pronoun nosotros used in Spanish, even when only one person is writing.

Spanish written report

Speakers in the Americas total some million. It is also an optional language in the Philippines as it was a Spanish colony from to The discussion page may contain suggestions. Article III reads as follows: Castilian is the official Spanish language of the State.

The other Spanish languages shall also be official in their respective Autonomous Communities History of the Spanish language The Visigothic Cartularies of Valpuestawritten in a late form of Latin, were declared in by the Spanish Royal Academy as the record of the earliest words written in Castilian, predating those of the Glosas Emilianenses.

Previously, several pre-Roman languages also called Paleohispanic languages —unrelated to Latin, and some of them unrelated even to Indo-European—were spoken in the Iberian Peninsula.

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These languages included Basque still spoken todayIberianCeltiberian and Gallaecian. The first documents to show traces of what is today regarded as the precursor of modern Spanish are from the 9th century.

Spanish also borrowed a considerable number of words from Arabicas well as a minor influence from the Germanic Gothic language through the migration of tribes and a period of Visigoth rule in Iberia.

In addition, many more words were borrowed from Latin through the influence of written language and the liturgical language of the Church.

The loanwords were taken from both Classical Latin and Renaissance Latinthe form of Latin in use at that time. The diphthongization of Latin stressed short e and o—which occurred in open syllables in French and Italian, but not at all in Catalan or Portuguese—is found in both open and closed syllables in Spanish, as shown in the following table:Spanish government plans to say goodbye to petrol and diesel cars in A draft law proposes a total ban on the roads 10 years after sales are outlawed As the Spanish government unveils the content of its proposed law to govern the response to climate change it has emerged that the intention is to ban the sale of petrol..

Spanish written report

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Spanish written report

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Spanish literature lesson plans, worksheets and materials | There were a large number of tribunals of the Papal Inquisition in various European kingdoms during the Middle Ages through different diplomatic and political means. In the Kingdom of Aragona tribunal of the Papal Inquisition was established by the statute of Excommunicamus of Pope Gregory IXinduring the era of the Albigensian heresy, as a condition for peace with Aragon.
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