Syrian human rights violations

Four of the international instruments ratified by Syria and which apply to events in the civil war are particularly relevant: All three corps of the Syrian army have been deployed in a supporting role to the security forces; the civilian police have been involved in crowd control.

Syrian human rights violations

French rule — [ edit ] Three Syrian rebels hanged in Marjeh Square during Syrian Revolt of — From the early s untilSyria and Lebanon were under the control of a French Mandateofficially ratified by the League of Nations on 29 September Authorities would publicly display mutilated corpses in central squares within Damascus and villages throughout Syria as a means of intimidating opponents of Syrian human rights violations government.

InJews were banned from leaving the country and from selling their property.

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Inall Jewish bank accounts were frozen and Jewish property confiscated. InJews were temporarily permitted to emigrate, but they had to leave all their property to the government. Although Jews were prohibited from leaving the country, they were sometimes allowed to travel abroad for commercial or medical reasons.

An airport road was paved over the Jewish cemetery in Damascusand Jewish schools were closed and handed over to Muslims. The Jewish Quarter of Damascus was under constant surveillance by the secret police, who were present at synagogue services, weddings, bar mitzvahsand other Jewish gatherings.

The secret police closely monitored contact between Syrian Jews and foreigners and kept a file on every member of the Jewish community. Jews also had their phones tapped and their mail read by the secret police. Many Jewish workers were laid off following the Six-Day War.

InPresident Hafez al-Assad responded to an insurrection led by the Muslim Brotherhood in the city of Hama by sending a paramilitary force that indiscriminately killed between 10, and 55, civilians including children, women, and the elderly during what became known as the Hama massacre.

Members of the security forces arrested and detained individuals without providing just cause, often held prisoners in "lengthy pretrial and incommunicado detention", and "tortured and physically abused prisoners and detainees".

The government imposed significant restrictions on freedom of speechpressassemblyand associationamid an atmosphere of government corruption.

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Authorities arrested political and human rights activists, censored websites, detained bloggers, and imposed travel bans. No political parties were licensed and emergency rule, imposed inremained in effect. Navy carried out a missile attack against a Syrian air base [43] which had been used to conduct a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians.

Thousands of political prisoners remain in detention, with many belonging to the banned Muslim Brotherhood and the Communist Party.

Military police were reported to have killed at least 17 detainees. Political prisoners in Syria Demonstration in Montreal in solidarity with the people of Syria.

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At least 10 of them remained in incommunicado detention without charge or trial at the end of the year. Among those detained is Riad Seif62, a former member of parliament who is in poor health.

Syrian human rights violations

The authorities have kept many for years behind bars, often well past their legal sentence. The estimated 17, prisoners who have disappeared over the years suggests that Syria may have hidden mass graves.

Since the crisis began in Marchthe international organization estimated that 17, people have died in custody in Syria — an average rate of more than deaths each month. According to the report, governmental forces have used torture to scare the opponents.

But today, they use it as a part of systematic attack against opposition members. According to testimonies of some survivors, detainees were subjected to numerous kind of torture aiming at dehumanizing them, and in many cases killing them.

Amnesty international said that those, who are responsible for these atrocities, must be brought to justice. Freedom of religion in Syria The Constitution provides for freedom of religion.

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While there is no official state religion, the Constitution requires that the president be Muslim and stipulates that Islamic jurisprudencean expansion of Sharia Islamic law, [50] is a principal source of legislation.Human rights violations by Iran regime condemned by UN committee  the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported an increased rate of violations of the Idlib demilitarized zone. is run by the Austrian Red Cross (department ACCORD) in cooperation with Informationsverbund Asyl & Migration. is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, the Austrian Ministry of the Interior and Caritas Austria. is supported by ECRE & UNHCR. The conflict in Syria continues to be characterized by human rights and international humanitarian law violations, with over , dying since The Syrian government, and its allies, raced. The race to secure territory and consolidate gains was accompanied by grave violations of human rights and humanitarian law that have come to characterize the Syria conflict.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented the deaths of 28 people were killed yesterday including 5 members of the regime forces In Aleppo Province, a child was killed by an IED explosion in. Human Rights Council: Stop human rights violations in Syria.

The Syrian Government’s crackdown against protesters in an effort to crush opposition prompted the UN Human Rights Council to hold a special session to discuss the human rights situation in .

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