Tieng anh lop 10 unit 12 writing a book

Ask each other the following questions. Do you often read books? How do you read books?

Tieng anh lop 10 unit 12 writing a book

This is Linda How do you spell your name? Tell them are going to learn how to produce the sound of the letters th and t. Produce the sounds th and t a few times, and ask pupils to say what they think about when they hear these sounds.

tieng anh lop 10 unit 12 writing a book

Teach the new words and phrases with this and that. Have three pupils repeat each line of the chant and the other three clap the focused sounds.

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Have pupils practise saying the chant. Tell pupils that they are going to listen the recording and match the information they hear to the correct picture and tick the box in the correct picture.

Have pupils listen and look at the pictures. Pupils perform the task.


Have pupils trade their answers in pairs or groups for correction. This is Peter Boy: How do you spell that? This is Mai Girl: Have pupils look at picture a and b.

Tell them that they are going to read the text and use the information to match each text to the correct picture.

Move around the class to help pupils with the activity. Have pupils trade their answers in pair for correction. And repeat the focused sounds a few times. How do you spell your name? Then let Ss sing a song on page Look and say 10 3.

Teach pupils to spell some —specific names and sing the Alphabet song. Ensure their correct pronunciation. Recall the sentence pattern that they have learnt how do you spell your name?

Tell pupils to presend to be Mary.

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Point to the picture a. Ask how do you spell your name? Have pupils repeat the answer M-A-R-Y.

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Tiếng Anh 12, Unit 11, NXBGD – VLOS However, this definition may change if people are not careful with these resources.
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Then tell them to repeat the question and answer. Repeat the step with the other names. Monitor the activity and offer help.Marks Listening Reading and Writing Speaking Total Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 Q.5 Q.6 Q.7 Q.8 Q.9 Q Remarks PART I – LISTENING (20’) Question 1: Listen and tick: 0.

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Written by the authors of Objective First Certificate. NGỮ VĂN LỚP 10; NGỮ VĂN LỚP 11; NGỮ VĂN LỚP 12; ÔN THI ĐẠI HỌC MÔN VĂN; Home» Unlabelled» Tiếng Anh 6 Unit Tiếng Anh 6 Unit UNIT MAN AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

- Write the answers in the note book. - Prepare revision for the test. UNIT MAN AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Bai giang dien tu,Tieng anh 9, Unit 1,Lesson 4, tiet 5 -By the end of the lesson students will be able to understand of the information and write a letter to their family.

2. Sep 16,  · 4/10/ pm(utc) Users browsing this forum Show Topics All from the last day from the last two days from the last week from the last two weeks from the last month from the last two months from the last six months. My name is Nam.

I go to school from Monday to Friday. I have Maths and Vietnamese every schoolday. I have English four times a week. English is my favourite subject.

tieng anh lop 10 unit 12 writing a book

I practise reading by reading English comic books and storybooks. Now I can read Aladdin and the Magic Lamp in English. I practise speaking by talking to my foreign friends.

Every day, I practise writing English by sending emails.

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