Tma01 my experience role and learning support

Definitely not the wrong room — Welcome class of 18J Welcome class of July ! Week 1 of our INSEAD journey is in the books, class of July is officially in session and I am already struggling to synthesize my thoughts, impressions and emotions.

Tma01 my experience role and learning support

Within my setting, ICT is an opportunity for children to apply and develop their knowledge and capability. With my help, they can research, question accuracy of sites and exchange and share information together and through emails we also share with a neighbouring school and have class blogs.

Children are learning the fundamentals of research and electronic media, with support, guidance and safeguarding programs. In conversation with my teacher, we noted how technology has changed rapidly. Teachers are finding it easier to source programs that make learning more fun.

An ICT program, namely, www.

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We agreed, in the words of Blatchford, that we must provide activities to encourage children to explore the technologically of a variety of ICT tools and encourage them to apply these, for a range of different purposes. Siraj-Blatchford and Siraj-Blatchford,p.

Block 5, Week 25, Activity These cross-curricular links were important for our class activity from sourcing the materials needed, to who would look after them and estimating their eventual height. I developed this story linking to friendships and second families, and in class extended the Maths talk, estimating the height they may grow, and eventual measurement to incorporate centimetres and inches, which we are covering this term.

With this quote in mind, I will use this ICT site to benefit the children, using the pictures to help tell a story, and having ICT as a cross-curricular tool. We encourage children to use different strategies like story-mountains and mind maps but just having pictures and having to put words to them extend their thinking.

My pedagogic subject knowledge helped me help them choose the pictures and I explained the concept to them in order for them to be able to understand.

I knew they would then learn because they had chosen pictures that interested them. I learnt how to develop my ICT, enabling the children to better their literacy skills and to make choices.

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The children can let their imaginations rule the story. I will present this as a group activity and encourage the children to look at literacy through different modes of image and word. Children develop their powers of thinking and understanding enabling them to be confident enough to develop.

Talking and Listening Daily writing develops technical proficiency, the ability to manipulate ideas and build a bank of possibilities to draw upon sparking fresh ideas to combine words, generate and select sentences and create from images Pie Corbett, I have learnt that as adults, we already have the skills for reading but using illustrations, sounds and words is a multimodality tool.

I tend not to use these different strategies and I think at first, this made my writing in Storybird difficult. I had plenty of ideas but had trouble finding images.E – Supporting Learning in Primary Schools - TMA01 My experience, role and learning support In accordance to the ethical guidelines written by The British Education Research Association (BERA, ), the names of the children and school, where used, have been changed in order to maintain confidentiality and anonymity.

Tma01 my experience role and learning support

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Tma01 my experience role and learning support

Experience and Education is the best concise statement on education ever published by John Dewey, the man acknowledged to be the pre-eminent educational theorist of the experience, on that offers a true learning situation that is both historical and social, both.

ED TMA01 Final Version - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. To what extend do the four theories in chapter 2 “theories of development” support this statement?

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Vygotsky claimed that cultural tools such as language play a very important role in learning. For Piaget. in contrast to. TU is proving to be a roller-coaster as I’d completely missed the fact that part of last week’s block of learning was presented online.

and I know it includes an element of reflecting/developing what was done in TMA but I’m still waiting for my result. I know other tutor-groups have had theirs but maybe they are smaller groups. Through the years, four 'grand theories' have emerged from 4 contrasting views of how children learn and develop: behaviourism (development as discipline), social learning (development as experience), constructivism (development as natural stages) and social constructivism (development as interaction).

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